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patricks questions

hi pat, jonce from street bugs again. about the lenses i have two sets of
amber top red bottom taillight lenses non-flat type. they are reproductions
and go for $50.00 a set. as far as the side marker check with bill and
steves in california, thats where i got mine and they ran about 15.00 each.
also as far as i know no one makes the interior dome light for the t-3. best
bet is a swap meet or even a porsche 356 used that same light for a dome
light under the dash. so check porsche swap meets if desperate. 
as for heat exchangers i found a N.O.S. set for 100.00 expect to pay that
for good used and up to 300.00 for n.o.s. good luck. if heat is not required
try j- tubes at a fraction of the cost.

and about rocky mountain motor jerks sorry works. watch for quaility
standards and there "lifetime warranty" read the fine print. let me quote it
if you dont have a copy of hot vw or vw trends it reads

"warranty applies to original buyer with receipt. the liability of this
warranty is limited to the value of the goods claimed and excludes normal
wear and tear.

my question is what is wear and tear??? if the brazilian garbage is only
going to last 6 mos before it starts to crack and graze, can you return it
cause it looks like hell on your prestine ride or is this normal?? yet
another reason to buy german or wcm. west coast metric if you puchase rubber
from them and 15 years later and it died and cracked you send it back and
they send you a new one. now if your going to sell the car put what ever you
want on it, but if your going to keep the car till you pass away then do
your homework and if need be spend the extra now and be happy or buy the
junk and be angry. your choice 

also when i die i want to go like my grandfather in his sleep-- not yelling
and screaming like the other passangers in the car!:)

later jonce

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