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Re: Squareback lowering.

First, get a manual and read up on the front end.  Second, read it again, so 
there won't be any surprises (you'll probably have some waiting for you when you
start the procedure...).

I lowered my T3 myself using a Haynes manual for guidance and it was easy.  Make
sure you mark the lower arm to the spline (a grease marker will do or you can 
scribe the metal) in case things get messed up you can put it back together 
again.  When slowly pulling the arm off the torsion spline, twist it just a 
little so when the arm comes off the torsion bar you will feel it.  Then slowly 
pivot the arm up and push so you can feel the arm engage the splines again -- 
that's one notch.  Slowly pull out and twist up until you feel the splines 
separate again.  Twist up and push.  Once the splines match up again, that's two
notches, etc.  Also, you will need to replace the shocks with stiffer ones and 
you may need to remove the rubber bumper stops.  If you keep the stock shocks 
you will be bottoming out over every bump you cross.  I don't remember the 
brand/model of shocks I used -- they were Koni or Gas-A-Just.

I lowered mine two notches.  It's mild and I think it looks good.  However, you 
should lower the rear end also (I haven't done this and will let a shop do it 
since I no longer have the facilities to do it myself).  My rear is still the 
stock height and it's causing the caster in the front to be off -- in other 
words, she wanders, imprecise steering, bump-steer, etc.  Lowering the rear to 
match the front will return the caster (and no one makes caster wedges for the 

Another thing to check:  tire clearance.  Make sure your tire will fit inside 
the wheel well.  I am running 195/60 and they fit, but if I turn the wheels as 
far as I possibly can the tire will rub a tad on the trunk-side well.

Good luck,
     Toby Erkson
     modified '72 Squareback 2.0L
     stock '75 Porsche 914 1.8L

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Subject: Squareback lowering.
Author:  type-3-errors@umich.edu at SMTPGATE
Date:    10/20/96 1:41 PM

Type III,

As I have understood from a few people (and Greg's TIII Owner's Manual
URL), dropping the front end of a Squareback is pretty easy - at least
compared to a TI.  OK.  Once the splines have been turned on the front axle
of Squareback, what else is needed?  Different shocks, different ball
joints, what?  An alignment?  Is this lowering going to ruin drivability or
handling?  The last thing I want is to bruise my kidneys or rupture my
spleen for the sake of a lower Squareback!

I would like to drop my Squareback only down about 4cm, enough to make it
look a little lower - not into the weeds.  How many turns - if that is the
right term - am I looking at to get this look?

Thanks in advance.


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