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Newbie T3 questions

Can anybody help this fellow out?  Please reply directly to
barryp@MARS.SUPERLINK.NET; he's not on this list.

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Date:    Sat, 19 Oct 1996 14:17:26 -0400
From:    Barry Phelps <barryp@MARS.SUPERLINK.NET>
Subject: New addition to the Family/T3 Wagen

        Well it looks like we are getting a new VW, a Type 3 wagen
tomorrow.  It's
a '70, the body is what I would call good and the best part is we got it
for $300.00US!
        Now, for the the important stuff.  Questions, questions, and
questions.  The guy said and I have looked at the VW that the brakes are
shot.  What kind of brakes are on the cars, all drum or drum and discs?
Since the engine is a different kind than I'm used to, what are the
differances?  I know it has a FI system and the air cooling system is
different also, so what should I do about checking the fuel system out?
What would everyone do that has a Type 3 now, how hard are the brakes to
fix? Also, how about getting the engine to start?, is there anything
different about that.
        I also stopped by the garage where the Vw is at and the owner
said that it
had carb problems and a dead cylinder.  Carb problems don't really
me right now, but I wasn't specific enough with the garage owner about a
dead cylinder.  So I'm hoping it's only a ign. system problem. Has
had a seized cylinder before on a type 3?
        Well I'm off to the automotive store to find a book on the VW
and see what
I'm getting myself into. And any advice is welcome for the new baby.


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New addition to the Family/T3 Wagen

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