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Re: [T3] FI to Carbs by PO not running right. UPDATE OPPS

<x-flowed>I just talked to him, one of use was confused ( me I guess) 1,2 gets hot and it runs off 1,2. The 3,4 bank does not fire, and run cool DUH
I am trying to see where he sees the fuel at. He used a Borg Warner kit for a local parts house. He doesn't have type 3 experience, but was a Kawasaki mechanic and worked Dodge dealers. He says after he turns it off, he can pump the carb, hear the sizzling and then sees smoke.
While the progessive may not be a great idea, I have a working one that a PO installed on it. So I would use that stuff that has already been cut up. I know no one likes them, but I had one on a simibad bug with a 1835 in it... Rna great.. Took a little work to get the jetting right, but it beat a lot af cars at the track... Mostly water cooled cars and trucks in the run what you brung class *>)


Steven Ayres wrote:

RichardG=> He says it sounds good but is only running on two
=> cylinders. the 3, 4 bank. They have pulled the plug wires and
=> only two make a difference. He says that he thinks it is running
=> hot on the 1,2 bank.

Obviously 1/2 can't be running hot if they're not firing, so something's confused here. Let's say you mean that he thinks he's getting little power and extra heat from 1/2. Correct me if I'm wrong there.

The common Bentley will be no help in dealing with the carbs. There is an earlier out-of-print Bentley edition that is helpful, as well as the easy-to-find Haynes. The Muir is fun but ultimately of little use in this sort of detail.

First, on your reference to the 'progressive' carb on hand and aftermarket FI: don't complicate your life. The PDSITs are a fine choice for this car, will do great for him, and will be a whole lot less hassle.

=> He has seen fuel boil on that side.

Where? How?

Make sure he installed the phenolic spacers under the carbs -- they help insulate the carb from head heat.

=>  is using it without the cover on the cylinders to get it running.
=> I said this is not good.

You're right, and further, having the tin off doesn't help anything diagnostically.

=> I told him that the 1,2 bank is running very lean, ...

You may be right, but in what you've written I don't see any way to conclude that yet.

See if you can get more specific information on the symptoms. For example, he says 'hot' -- from what does he conclude this? To give any useful advice we'll need to know all we can about what exactly is happening.

You mentioned that he rebuilt one of the carbs. Which one? Does he have experience with this? Did he find any problems? What did he replace, and where did he get the parts?

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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