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Re: [T3] Type 3 Selecta (list)

> Just updated the list. Thanks for everone's additions. I've added a new
> category: **custom**
> I think I'm ready to start. I don't really have a schedule for this, but I'm
> hoping to get it done within the next month. At least the first version with
> one or two cars. I'm going to start with the Squareback and the Type 34.
> If anyone has any programming expertise with Flash, please let me know. I'm a
> decent designer, but a hack programmer...
> ;-)

Just added the Squareback Panel. Both stock (from factory, and custom).


   ** model/body **

-stock sunroof

-square/square panel/notch/fast/type 34/sp2(if i can find a good profile
photo)/fridolin(is this a type 3??)

-turn signal options (wrap-around or bullet)

-flat red and amber/red vs. round red and amber/red taillight lenses.

-as many color choices as possible (like the bug selecta has)

-early or late nose!!!!!!!

-bumpers(early/late) - no bumpers - w/ or w/o overriders

-one piece/original windows

-lots of stance varieties

-include the 'vert notch (top up/down)

   **body trim**

-pop-out windows. show the button and maybe them open

-cal-look, hawaiian-look or original trim seals

-side marker option (early/late)

-fender/gravel guards

   ** wheels **

-vintage wheel choices (even ones that aren't gonna fit)

-polished porsche cookie cutters

-good selection of rims, maybe even larger or smaller sizes

   ** options **

-trailer hitch

-lots of graphic options: original type 3 graphics, flames, scallops etc.


-fog lights


-tinted windows

-eye lids

-roof rack

-swamp cooler

-rear fender skirts

   ** custom **

-panel sides (no windows on square)

-chopped top

-targa top

-no top

-early beetle headlights

-picture window (large back window on square)

-with side trim / without side trim

-shaved door handles

-rag top (1/2 length or full length, i guess show it with the top open)


Phillip Bradfield

        southern oregon vw club: http://www.sovw.com
        rose city volksters: http://www.rosecityvolksters.com
        ddb: http://www.theddb.com

1969 Variant - Savanna beige, Type 4 2.1l (soon), speedster soon to have a
bus dash

1968 Variant - Granada red, 1835 with dual 40 Dellortos, with 67 euro

1963 1500 - Ruby red, 1600 with dual Solex carburetors, soon to be full

19?? Sandrail - Primer, soon to have 2.3 EFI Turbo Ford motor

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