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Re: Tuned headers

>> Hey all. Just wondering how much of a difference a tuned header will make on
>> an engine. By tuned, I mean a header that has equal length tubes from each
>> exhaust port to the collector. This compared to a header that has unequal in
>> length tubes.
> Ths Bill Fisher book covers this rather well. I think he claims 10-15%. This
> should be balanced against the downside of imperfect fit and ground
> clearance problems. Note also that there are differences in length between
> different brands of OEM exhausts.

Wow. 10-15% - if that's accurate, that's significant. I was just curious. I
have a few headers for a Type 3, and the tubes look funny, compared to a
Type 1. I understand the reasoning, but wasn't sure if it was something that
was measurable.


Phillip Bradfield

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