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Re: [T3] Hose between spare and washer fluid resevoir

<x-flowed>>You probably should just look for the complete set of parts for a 68. The
with hose nipple, hose, and tire attachment. The special cap also contains a
valve that's supposed to keep the spare tire from getting deflated below
usefulness. OTOH, these caps/valves all seem to fail internally and are a
consistent trouble spot.

I think RMMW may have the caps, and they probably come with the hose and tire
connection. They probably sell it as a beetle part. They're not cheap.

I probably have some type 3 units, but I don't know if I have the right black
(low pressure) one for a notchback, nor do I know if they're any good inside.
['70-on squarebacks came with red caps which had a higher cutoff pressure. They
hadn't thought of that in 68.]

I couldn't find them on RMMW, but I called aircooled.net and they said they will be getting in some washer fluid bottles, complete with cap and hose within the next couple of weeks.

I'd rather not replace my washer bottle, since it is installed and working fine. Rather than getting the correct '68 cap and hose, do you (or anyone else on this list) have one of the earlier style hoses that would be designed to attach to a Schraeder valve on both ends? If so, would you be willing to sell it to me?

If not, I'll just get the new style washer bottle from aircooled.net and install it in my car.


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