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Re: [T3] Where did my volts go?

Have you measured output AT the Gen itself?
Loose belt?

"....the whole world , Chico. And everything in it."

David V. Nelson
1969 Fastback FI (no matter what!)

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Subject: [T3] Where did my volts go?

> I've had a lingering, irritating issue with my 73 efi fasty for several
months. It has been intermittent and impossible to diagnose. Until now.
> After a 10 minute or so drive at highway speeds, it would shutter a
little, sometimes alot. When I exit it would idle so low and rough the genny
light would dimly flicker, sometimes it would stall. It has also been
running rich, seemingly getting progressively worse over time. Starts right
back up, and all is fine.
> I finally was able to come to a complete stop, without it stalling, with
my trusty voltmeter handy. It fluctuated between 8-10 volts, would go up to
14 ish at fairly high rpm. When running normally I get 14-14.5 volts
constant, like after I start it back up.
> I'm pretty confident I have a voltage problem, my regulator is bosch,
about a year and a half old, same with genny. All EFI grounds are fine. What
else should I look into, and how should I go about isolating the problem to
either the VR, genny, or ?
> TIA,
> Robb
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