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[T3] Starter problem and sparkplug problem and car abuse

Well I found the problem with the starter, one was factory 
defective , the solenid was shorted and shorted the battery and 
the other was key spring that was stuck .

The spark plug I found was way too hot , you are right but no 
one sells the right plug that the Mexican heads use ,so down in 
Mexico I went to NAPA parts store near my house down there and 
they explained that the plugs I was using were audi plugs and that 
these plugs were really hot especially the platinums , those are hotter 
than the standard plugs , that is why my electrodes were 
disapearing , I was also told that the plugs with the protruding 
electrode were all the wrong kind reguardless of what brand of 
aircooled head, the receeded type of plugs were the correct 
kind , this prevents the electrode tip from getting too hot 
and cause detonation, people always complain about detonation and 
the wrong plug is usually the culprit on a good working engine.

I have mexican heads with the 3/4 in reach I was given the correct 
plug for my heads/engine. He could not find anyother 
brand other than autolight with the correct values , I will find 
some Bosch later that will cross reference.

This knowledgeable guy used to race baja bugs in Mexico and had 
a performance there too for the aircooled engines .


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