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Re: [T3] please (trouble)shoot me!

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I have to confess that I was being lazy and copied those notes from
elsewhere (shame on me!) - I've personally used the method Jim suggested...
or maybe I was just thinking about my Beetle.... yeah, that's the ticket.

My apologies to all.

68 Notch (Nadine)

I proudly buy my aircooled parts and service from...
The Bug Stop in Arlington (DFW), Texas

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> On 5 Mar 2002, at 10:05, Jason R. Ford wrote:
> > To perform a power-balance test,
> >
> >   a.. Remove all the spark plug leads from the spark plugs.
> >   b.. Set the leads lightly back on the tops of the spark plugs.
> >   c.. This will enable the lifting of each lead off its plug without
> > too much force.
> >   d.. The procedure is to pull the lead away from the plug and ground
> > lead against the cylinder head. This will prevent that plug from
firing -
> > this is called open-firing.
> >   e.. The engine will now be running on only three cylinders.
> This will certainly work, but I recommend that you NOT do it this way.
> way leaves you holding a wire in your hand that is jumping WAY up in
> voltage a few times per second. I don't think there is any advantage to
> to ground the spark either, and it is REALLY hard to do with our SP
> connectors.
> It's much safer to just pull the wires out of the dist cap one at a time.
> this can still give you a shock, at least once the wire is off, it is
dead. You
> can improve your odds by just pulling the wire out with one hand while not
> touching any other part of the car; that way there is no circuit thru you
> to the car's ground.
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