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Re: [T3] Oil leak mistry

On 22 Jan 2002, at 1:40, Andrew Davidson wrote:

> The breather was completely full of gunk so i cleaned it out as well as
> possible and then used a paperclip to get up under the lip and clean out the
> junk that was blocking it. It has stopped all the oil leak problems and now all
> I have to do is work out how to get all the oil out from around the fan. I was
> going to remove the breather to really clean it but that sounds a bit tricky-are
> there bolts which are inaccessible without removing the fan housing ? (which i
> understand you can't remove without removing the exhaust)

You really can do a lot with some bent wire and a bunch of determination. 
The only way to take out the alum breather stand is to remove the exhaust, 
the rear fan housing half, and the fan. That's more work than you want to do 
here, I'm sure.

It IS possible to remove the breather box alone, but that requires a special 
tool which unscrews the big hollow bolt that secures the box to the stand. 
Details are shown in the Bentley manual. If you want to look for this tool, it is 
the same one that is used on Beetles, so you might find it thru some 
automotive tool supplier.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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