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[T3] boy i've been writing alot.....

today i finished up the rest of the tuneup procedure, complete with oil 
now since my valves have been set, my car has much more power and pickup.  
the problem is that it cuts in and out.  i'll take off in first and i have 
the pickup of an 18 wheeler, then halfway throug 2nd it might take off with 
good acceleration, then maybe back again.  its real random like that.  my 
points and timing were off today, but that didn't help much.
another thing i noticed is that my idle tends to surge before it warms up a 
little.  i believe the term is "hunting" or something like that.  i can't 
seem to pinpoint the problem, it goes away once the engine is warmed up.  
sometimes the idle is really high too, when the engine is cold.  its set at 
850 rpm but in the mornings its above that until warmed.

what's up?  muir isn't helping me out too much these days...maybe for 
christmas i'll get the bentley and do some good reading....

thanks oh so much for the help guys...greatly appreciated...


70 square fi.

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