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RE: [T3] Autopsy results; was MVVC Show

If the case has been machined, there will be a lot of shavings in the oil
passages, but you'd see that in all of the bearings.  Maybe something was
plugging just that one, Ive always worried that the valve seals that break
up in a few thousand miles could cause a problem like that but Ive never
heard a confirmation that it has happened.  I did leave them out the last
time I did a valve job.

Maybe the Rod was bent, but youd probably feel the vibration as abnormal
long before the failure.  What does resized rods mean exactly anyway?


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<< Strange problem but it does point toward a serious clearance issue or
 plugged oil galley. >>

Looking at the reults, I've been thinking plugged oil gallery. It's about
only thing that makes sence. I did get the case used, without any previous 

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