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[T3] Been 10 years...

Since Ive had the engine out of the Square, 15 since Ive done more than a
valve job and 18 since the tranny has been out.

Tonight everything but the rear suspension is out of the car!  Scary...
since its my primary use car and Its been a LONG time since Ive seen that
kind of open space underneath it!

Drained the tranny oil and it had some nice metal shavings on the magnet...
goes along well with all the noise its been making for so long, rear
bearings look good, it was time for brakes and Im doing the hard lines in
the rear now too. Starter, which was used 18 years ago is still in great
shape inside, just cleaning it out and lubing it... and taking care of some
languishing items under there like the fresh air mixing boxes... which upon
removal of their blankets still had salt on them from 15 years ago!  Ya
know, those thermostats STILL WORK!  I didn't think they would as I have
come close to setting my passengers shoes on fire in the past but when
warmed with the torch they do indeed open.

Compression on the engine is still good, right where its been for a long
time, doing a tuneup as well... but why am I spitting oil out the breather?
The top of the engine has been wet for a long time but it seems that more
oil is coming out of the breather lately... With the compression still good
Im wondering why?


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