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[T3] Schaffner Motors Closing 15 June

I don't know much about this place, but I think it has a pretty good rep,
and they are going out of business. Supposedly he threw out a bunch of T3
Glass..might still be able to get it, if you live near by.

Here is the email I got on my T2 list.

I live on the other side of the country, otherwise I would check it out

Again, I do not know anything more than what is in the following text...


Sad news for the VW Community in the North West.
> After 34 years of serving the VW community from their Lynnwood WA. 
> location, Schaffner Motors is closing as of 15 June 2006. Schaffer's 
> has been well known for their honest and competent service, the full 
> restorations on VW's, and as a source of used parts for the vintage VW
> Rudi Schaffner asked me to send this notice to all the various VW 
> lists I'm on.  He emphasized that he wants to express his deep thanks 
> to all his loyal customers from over the years and make it clear he 
> will still be selling vintage parts from has large stock but over the 
> Internet, not from the Lynnwood location.
> The good news is that he really, really needs to get rid of the 'Big
> This is body panels, doors, hatches, suspension parts, all the stuff 
> that is too big (and to many) to move to the smaller location that 
> will be used to continue to sell over the Internet.  Although mostly 
> Bug and Bus parts, there is also a supply of Vanagon body panels, interior
door panels, etc.
> wheels including two full sets of factory alloys.  Some Vanagon seats, 
> including a gray Vanagon center seat.  A set of cabinets from an '80
> I didn't try to write down everything that Rudi has there.  BUT the 
> prices will be very right, he doesn't want to ship this stuff off to 
> the crusher.  He handed me a big stack of aluminum curtain rails 
> (mostly from Bus based
> campers) and said "Pass them along to anyone that can use them".
> Also available is a whole shop full of tolls and equipment.  I don't 
> have a list of what machinery and tools are available, but if you do 
> your own work and are looking for VW specific tools or shop machinery 
> now is an opportunity to maybe acquire some equipment that you know is 
> in running order and ready to go.
> So, if you are in the process of a restoration, or need to replace a 
> door or hatch or body panel or are looking for anything that you might 
> need in the future (and don't want to pay shipping from somewhere else 
> in the country) then I suggest you contact Rudi and find out if he has 
> what you need.  The prices on the 'Big' stuff will be very good.  The 
> shop is open during the week, closed on the weekends.  It is probably 
> worth the trip if you are within a reasonable distance to drive to the 
> shop and bone yard and have Rudi show you what he has. I counted about 
> 40 Bugs sitting there right now and then there are all the parts stored
and ready to go.
> He can be reached at 425-778-6900 or email at schaffner.motors@verizon.net
> The address is 21705 Hwy 99, Lynnwood, WA. 98036.  Take the 220th exit 
> from I-5, head West to Hwy 99, turn North, immediately on your right.

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