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[T3] Webers...

<x-flowed>Hi all
I've followed this fine forum for some time and while I've learned a great deal, I haven't felt that I've really had anything to contribute...however, the comment,
<Ive never heard of anybody getting Webers really working properly with our
engines. They seem to be a poor match but Im not nearly enough of a carb
expert to say that it *Cant* be done.>
sparked my interest...
I've "owned" a T-3 since I traveled with my dad to purchase one from VW at the Wolfsburg factory in early 1969, (for a '69 model), and while I didn't drive it exclusively, I put more miles on it than anyone in the family. I owned a '64 Triumph Spitfire during my college days and learned to turn a wrench on this very fun sportscar.
When I went back to aircooleds in the early 70's, my brother had the family T-3 and as an engineering grad student, really had the FI figured out, even to the details of adding potentiometers to the sensors to "fine tune" them for varying conditions and temperatures. His conclusion, after much experimentation, was that the early FI was close but that the sensors were imprecise and lacked enough "range" to make it a real solid system, particularly at altitude in the hot summers of Salt Lake where he was working on several graduate degrees.
He chose to convert this car to dual Webers instead and did so in addition to adding stroke and bore to the process. The car ran well, but his studies precluded his spending enough time to fine tune the system. He parked it and more than a decade later, gave it to me.
I got the car running but road cancer and neglect had taken their toll so I stripped it (I even cut out the dash steel) and saved the parts.
Within a year, I found a '69 parked, in near perfect condition on a street in the small Colorado mountain town in which I lived (what are the chances of this?)...with a "for sale" sign pasted in the window...I bought it, needless to say. It had been garaged for over twenty years.
It was an FI original and I drove it until it overheated and broke the crank on a drive out of Denver. I swapped engines and began to fiddle with the 40 DCNF Webers my brother had installed, changing jets until I had empirically gotten the results I desired. I drove this same car to the Parma event some years ago. I got 27 MPG @ 70+ MPH with really good power curves. But, my own research has shown that the 42DCNF carbs are the better setup and I'm now in the grueling process of a rebuild to use those carbs with a number of other custom engine changes for cool, reliable and efficient service. I have never had the problems to which Keith refers and I've driven over a 100K on these carbs.
They are, from my perspective, a solid choice for T-3's.
Best regards,
Frank Meek

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