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Re: [T3] Creaking door hinge

On 9 May 2006 at 23:36, Virginia & Peter wrote:

>     I'm having trouble getting oil in the upper door hinge to stop 
> creaking.  I never did understand how the oil is supposed to migrate  
> from the top "recessed" lube point, down into the middle moving area.  

I believe that part of the pin is made with a small slot in it which was 
supposed to allow the oil to weep down past where it is pressed into the hinge. 
With time, it appears that this slot gets clogged with rust, etc. that retards 
the flow of oil. I often have the same problem you're having, but I generally 
start with some very light penetrant like Kroil or WD-40 and follow up with 
something more like motor oil. It takes days for the oil to get anywhere, so I 
often add a drop on the side of the hinge where it can slip into the joint from 

It may help to wait a few days, then repeat and "exercise" the hinge by 
swinging the door open and closed a few (5-10) times.

It's important to keep these from freezing up, because the stress from a seized 
hinge will sometimes break the hinge plate off the door frame.

I don't know about trying to drive out the hinge pin. I've never done it and 
I'm not even quite sure how to go about it. I know that there are specific 
directions on how to do this on beetles (you have to drive them out in a 
specific direction) but I don't know if type 3s are the same. You also have to 
be careful not to damage other things while you're driving out the pin. I think 
VW also had a special press for this, but this might have just been for 

Have you done this, Russ? I guess I've always just been afraid to try.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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