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RE: [T3] Hinge covers

In NY $1300 yr is a GOOD quote for a new driver.  Course NY has VERY
expensive insurance.  I get my classic insurance through Grundy but they
have a minimum driver age of 25 and you need a clean record.

I spent $50 to fill a car for the first time today.... Ugh!


Top Notch Restorations
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Subject: [T3] Hinge covers

I'm poised to order charcoal gray interior for Jack's 16th Birthday.  I just

noticed my sea sand plastic hinge covers are junk!  Jack says we'll get new 
hinge covers with our new interior?  We painted the stock wheels/ polished 
the hubcaps took off our WIDE wheels/tires.  State Farm wants to see the car

before offering us "historic vehicle" coverage @ $45/6 mo.  2500mi/year. 
The agent still isn't sure she can insure Jack @ all?  Our best quote so far

is Geico @ $656 6/mo.liability for Jack/car.  So, we're still shopping for a

better deal, but gonna have to "bite the bullet" soon.  Parking lot 
attendent with 50 ft. long stack of carts ripped the rear bumper off my 
wife's 99 Isuzu Trooper last week!  Travelers Insurance called yesterday 
whining about the $982 estimate for bumper/paint.  I told him I was 5 & 0 in

Small Claims Court!  Mike,  Harrisburg, OR

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