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Re: [T3] Heater Channel Bypass

If it's just defrosting or demisting you need, consider a small 12V hairdryer
and aim it at the screen.  It'll look less crap (!) than extra internal piping,
but don't expect it to warm the inside of the car much.
You might be able to direct it into the demister pipes up under the dash I

Of course, your problem if there's rust in the heater pipe may be water getting
into the rockers.  That will not help demisting, when the warm humid air meets
the cold screen.  Check the back end of the channel at the front of the rear
wheel well.  Water gets down from the air intakes and rusts through unseen
behind the underseal.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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> >It's surgery to get into the heater pipe anyway, and any hose inserted from
> >the
> >back will restrict the flow more anyway.
> What about bypassing the rockers all together? Heat inlet pipe to a heater
> hose that runs along the
> inside floor along the heater channel, up under the fuse panel into the side
> warm air inlet?
> Gary

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