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RE: [T3] 71 Squareback gas line q (fwd)

Well I read your suggestions. For now I put a small piece of fuel line
between the overflow tank(I thought was a charcoal tank) under the fender,
and the steel tube coming from the back.

Fuel smell appears to have disappeared.

I will try to figure out how to check if this line is clogged. I like to
leave the original stuff as long as it is still working...kind of anyway.

Thanks for the tips. 


'71 FI squareback
'65 kombi
somerville, ma

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Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 08:59:31 -0600
From: Jim Adney <jadney@vwtype3.org>

On 21 Nov 2005 at 1:12, andy wrote:

> there is a small clear line on the drivers side that runs alongside the
> gas tank and attaches to a metal line.
> seems to be damp with fuel. where does that go and what to do about it?

It leads to an overflow tank under the LF fender. From there, there is
line that runs to the charcoal cannister above the transmission, where gas
fumes are trapped. More hoses carry those fumes to the engine when it runs
that those fumes can be burned rather than being released to the air.

In my experience, this system is always dead by now. The problem is that all
the steel lines have rusted on the inside and no longer allow anything to
thru them. You can test them by opening a line somwhere and trying to blow
the hose. There doesn't need to be any significant flow, but there needs to
some, because this is the only path for air to get back in the tank to
gas which is used up.

Here's what I do:

On '70 cars, there is a steel line that runs across the top of the trunk at
back. I replace that with a plastic line from a later year.

On all '70-'73s, I remove the outside overflow cannister and the lines to
from it, as well as the charcoal cannister & hoses. Cap off the places on
engine where those hoses attached.

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