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[T3] As the Tank Turns - this weekend's episode

Last time on As the Tank Turns...

We find that one of the 1970 FI T3 fuel tanks Big.Al is cleaning was
built incorrectly.  The return port was actually 3/4 covered by the
internal cup.  So Al's next step was to check out a tank from a 1969 FI
to see how different it was and see if it would work.

Russ was going to perform an autopsy on a rusty 1964 T34 gas tank to see
if there was a cup in the pre-FI models.

So, this weekend, I got the tank from the 1969 (68?) FI squareback from
storage.  It had the return pipe and a LOT of dust accumulation.  ;)

the 1968-69 FI tank has the same footprint (mounting flange) as the 70. 
They also seems to have "almost" the same sheetmetal stamping and
therefore presumably the same capacity.  Fuel sensor mounting hole
looks the same as does the return pipe and the supply port.

The 68-69 tank has an oval-shaped filler port where the 1970 has a
circular port.  They are not the same diameter, so I either need to
find a way to adapt the hose or replace the port with one from a 70. 
It also DOES NOT HAVE the tiny vent tube on the opposite side of the
filler port.  I can probably get around this by using a vented gas cap.

However...  NOW my problem is that some previous owner decided to cover
up some internal tank rust by pouring in CLEAR EPOXY to try to stop the

This has evidently clogged up the area under the cup around the return
pipe.  :(
I get a "little" trickle of gas through this area, but not nearly enough
to be working properly.

So, does anyone know of some chemical that might eat the epoxy, but NOT
the metal?

I guess I need to go find another tank from storage...


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