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Re: [T3] How many Invaders?

Adjusted valves & timing last night. High beam fuses were corroded, so got those cleaned up. Came in and started gathering up T3 books, VW accessory books & literature, and the humble Square's previous show award plaques. Made a to-do list and a packing list before going to bed last night.

Bought oil, filter, and replacement tail light & license light bulbs this morning. Put the bulbs in when I got home.

Tonight did a wash and a "twenty footer" wax job. (Looks alright from about twenty feet away.)

Going to go out and clean the windows inside & out in a minute.

Tomorrow the oil gets changed, and I pack up my stuff.

Will leave the tandem bike in the garage Friday morning, and will commute by car (happens like 3 times a year). Will leave work pointed North in the Squareback Friday. Will probably simply aim to find a motel in Ashland or Medford Friday night, then get up early Saturday morning to make my way to Myrtle Creek bright & early -- if the ol' Squareback is willing!!

Hoping to camp w/ DDB Saturday night, but will see how things are going before Saturday nite / Sunday plans shape up.

Back to work Monday morning. :-o

Ok, better go wash those windows!!


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