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Re: [T3] starting an early 62 overhaul

<x-flowed>I had alot more pics that I posted with all the nooks and interesting cranies. They are stuffed on the samba if you want to dig. Im not going to post more here as this is Scotts lime light on his cool motor.

Unfortunatly the notch and myself wont make it. It needs paint and final brakes. But some day it will be out!


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Subject: Re: [T3] starting an early 62 overhaul

On 5 Jul 2006 at 22:44, Jason Weigel wrote:

And Jim, your getting old! I posted pics of my stuff just last year ; )

Hey, no fair! I AM getting old, but I do remember your pics. I just seem to be
forgetting everything else. ;-)


Even your "before" photo looks pretty nice. It's just looks a bit dirty.

Scott did yours have this?

The early plastic one?


Your pics are terrific, but Scott's showed some early part details which yours
didn't. Each set of photos has its own interesting details.

Will your notch be making the trip to the Invasion? I'd love to see some of
these old cars in person.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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