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RE: [T3] Fuel Issues - Overheating?

You normally cant hold onto the dipstick with the engine at temp, it really
cant overheat unless its really running lean and then only on a highway
trip. If you filter is on top of the engine that could cause vapor lock I
suppose but I really doubt your overheating so long as the cyl fins and oil
cooler are clean.


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As I briefly mentioned in my long ramble, when I got back
from a drive, I stopped and it wouldn't re-start until it got
cooled off a bit.

I checked the clear fuel filter when this happened and I
found that there was no fuel in the filter. The engine was
definitely hot as I couldn't hold on to the oil dipstick and
it just plain felt hot in there.

I suspect that it got hot enough to expand the fuel in
the filter creating a vapor situation where the mechanical
pump wouldn't pump the vapor. It needs a liquid to be
able to function properly.

I have none of the thermostat components, so they can't
have failed closed. What are some other things I can
look for causes of overheating?

Jeff  '67 Sqbk

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