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[T3] Oil Issues

<x-flowed>During the oil change I found a bunch of stuff between the
oil strainer and on top of the oil plate. Some of it was hard
plastic-like material and some of it was metallic as it was
attracted to a magnet. It wasn't of any particular shape.
There was no metal attached to the magnetic drain plug
however. The oil was dark, and sludgy after having been
in for less than 100 miles. I figured that after sitting for many
years, a short oil change cycle was called for.

My oil screen was a little beat up, so I purchased another
one at my FLAPS. Interesting differences between it and
the one I already had. Mine was aluminum, the new one
was of magnetic steel.

When I installed the steel screen, it didn't have enough
clearance for the magnetic drain plug, so I cleaned up
the aluminum one and re-installed it. Anyone noticed
this difference and found a work-around?

As I was adding oil back into the engine, I noticed
(the hard way) that the rubber oil filler tube had cracked
and leaked oil badly. With it being late in the day and
the FLAPS both being closed and very unlikely to have
one on hand, I scrambled and used a bicycle inner tube
as a temporary replacement. The diameter was too
big, but it worked for now. Any experience on how
long a bicycle tube will last in this location?

Jeff  '67  Sqbk

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