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RE: [T3] made a score


"no that's not the fireworks, its just Mr. Wolfe finding another NOS type 3
part in the stash"

Nothing like going through a parts stash like that...  Many hours of
excitement await!


PS... Keep an eye out for 039 numbers (that's the 914 right?) Im still
looking for Injection stuff.  I really need to get a list together before
the invasion!

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Sent: Saturday, July 01, 2006 11:22 PM
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Subject: [T3] made a score

I made a score today. 
I bought most of the stuff in those pictures. A lot of NOS parts mixed
with used. There was a crate full of used wire harnesses, and I could
see FI harnesses sticking out. Not sure what the were for. I won't know
until I get the stuff home and go through it.
Many used engine parts, including dual port heads. Saw one NOS T-3 rear
engine hanger bar. 
As I get it home, I will let the list know what I have. 


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