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[T3] Spent some time with the Eggcrate

Its home now, and although Im about to disappear on a vacation and the
invasion I got the left side fenders off.  The car got T boned
(MMMMMMmmmmmmmmm  T Bone!)  at some point shoving the drivers side door
pillar in , bending the dash and door and even the rear door pillar got
crushed in a bit.  I know something happened when I noticed the bent top of
the door but it got nailed rather nasty early in its life, and of course
that's where it rusted out the worst.

Thanks to Shawn Albertins liberal Sawzall policy I DO have the entire door
pillar with the rocker to repair it properly though!  So this really doesn't
bother me too much.  I do need to get all my sheetmetal in hand before I go
any farther though, hopefully the guys at the DDB can at least get me
sections for the rear in front of the wheel wells.

Additionally, Id love to get a hold of the **** that though running the
wiring harness through the rocker in a tube would be a GOOD idea!!! It turns
out that the early and later 3 bolt hinge rockers are the same except for a
little crease that is stamped in the top section on the later 65 and newer
ones.  The ARE interchangeable!! 

At some point, although it only has 33Kmi on it the engine will need to be
rebuilt.  I has a bearing noise on startup and Im finding that Delivery
vehicle service is indeed tough on cars :)


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65 Squareback "Eggcrate"
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