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Re: [T3] Speaking of brake lines

While I appreciated that the longer a hose is the less water flow there will be
for a given pressure due to surface friction etc, I reckon the rate of flow
through a restricting nozzle will be different if the hole is smaller, and with
the pistons moving a mm, there's a significant fluid movement through a
restriction.  I can't see why they bother to specify the outlets to use for the
calipers and the ones for the brake-light switches if it makes no difference.

There are plenty of cases where we accept that VW engineeers probably know best
when it makes no safety difference; seems to me braking is one situation where
we should listen to them.  OTOH, partially seized calipers, non-original pads
and worn discs are very likely a greater source of brake imbalance that which
outlet you use for the pipes.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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> Jim Adney wrote:
> > The holes ARE different, but the difference in the little hole means
> > nothing
> > compared to the long length of small diameter tubing that both fluids have
> > to
> > pass thru. If there were really a sound engineering reason to worry about
> > this,
> > then they should have put the same length of hard line on each side of the
> > MC.
> > They didn't, and the L/R balance clearly doesn't suffer.

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