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[T3] Back from Litchfield

and what a nice day!  Weather very uncharacteristic of the 3rd weekend in
June but it cleared just in time and a nice cool day for the show.

4 T3's and one was a very nicely done early fasty... at first my eyes were
sore from the shavings and smoothings but the work was quality and the
underside was very nicely done, looked better than new under there and all
done to a nice solid car.  The quality of the job made up for the lack of
Stock accessories.

The swap was quite a find this year... no good sheetmetal although a couple
of the dealers got their hands on some of the old Tabco stock that has
suddenly surfaced lately, but unfortunately at 10 times the price that Tabco
sold them for.  One vendor had several "Free Bin's" which attract me like a
magnet but once I found a part number that started with a 3 I got juiced.
then a little digging later I realized that at some time they had parted an
early type 3!  Aside from some nice little seals and caps I found an NOS
early front wheel cylinder (now I only need ONE RIGHT one!), a new Cal look
windshield seal, some nice top cylinder tin, an early rear armrest...  I
also found some good deals on Bellows and tranny mounts.  If somebody sends
me a picture of the auto tranny mount that is so rare I can keep an eye out
for those too... one guy had a mount that looked different, but I wasnt sure
what it was.  I also picked up a "Bag" of distributors, once he gave me a
price on ONE I grabbed anything that had trigger points in it.

    I came in 3rd, behind the guys with the elaborate displays, but the only
thing that got me over the Fasty was that he was more Custom and our
category is stock type 3.  Good to see everyone again and now Im in just the
right mood to start the Eggcrate next weekend!!


Keith Park

Top Notch Restorations
71 Squareback
65 Notchback "El BajaRojo"
65 Squareback "Eggcrate"
87 Golf
88 Rx7 10th Anniversary "Rextur"

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