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[T3] choosing interiors

I installed TMI in mine. Everything seemed to fit fine except for the two pieces that cover the rear wheel wells. Fortunatley they are too big so I just had to trim. Everything else fit fine. If you can lay the pieces out in the sun for 15 minutes to soften them up a little. They are a little stiff out of the box. Test fit them a couple of times and then spray away. I cant help you on the door panels. I made my own using the old panels and about $20 worth of foam and vinyl .

65 square (weezer)
04 jetta
It may be ugly but she's all mine!

> Hey All.......been off line for a while.......hope to stay back on!
> I'm at a point where I need to order new interior panels and carpeting for
> my T3 square.....been doing some reading on this site and Samba......seems
> to be a general opinion that the TMI interiors can be junk fitting, whereas
> the SewFine interiors are OK, but pricey.........seems that most of the
> complaints I have read are about TMI and the fit into buses..........maybe
> not so much a problem with T3's???
> Has anyone recently purchased TMI interior panels and carpet and found them
> to be a good fit for our T3's?
> Has anyone recently purchased SewFine components and found them worth the
> extra cost?
> decisions, decisions, decisions...........
> Dave Pallo
> His: '96 Impala SS....(Sunny Sundays)
> Hers: '72 Square....(in process)

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