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RE: [T3] Low Voltage

Thanks for the link. Good info there.

Mark-69 fastback F.I.

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Here is everything you ever wanted to know about the internals of D-Jet.
for the 914 systems, but I'd be gobsmacked if the Type 3 systems aren't 99%
same, which just a few calibration values differing between them.  The MPS
appear to be different for the Type 3 v. the 914, in that the Type 3 MPS has
only one coil, where the 914 has two, and integrates the air temp signal,
making the MPS a true air-density meter, not just a manifold pressure



--- Russ Wolfe <russw@classicvw.org> wrote:

> On Thu, 2005-06-16 at 06:14, Mark Davis wrote:
> > So that means it isn't a matter of the cold start alone, but most likely
> the
> > time the injector is on. Now you guys have done it. Prior to becoming
> > disabled I was an Engineering Technician with Electronics and Optics as
> > discipline. This will now bother me until I get a schematic and figure
> > how it works. Anybody know if one is available anywhere? From physically
> > looking at the electronics I would say there is probably a differential
> > circuit that cuts on/off based on the difference in voltage at some
> in
> > the circuit. If the upper extreme is lower than the design calls for the
> > transistors used to switch the voltage on/off across the coil in the
> > injectors may not be shutting off all the way allowing some small
> > current to remain across the coil causing the injectors to remain on
> > than the spark remains in the chamber. Any other thoughts?
> > 
> > Mark-69 fastback F.I.
> > 
> The D-Jet FI systems is a dwell type system. The variations in
> temperature and such change the amount of time that the injector stays
> open. IIRC, it is in the range of 25-45ms.
> The ECU does not have any built in voltage regulation, and therfore is
> effected by fluctuations in system voltage.
> I think I saw a functional, hand drawn,  schematic of the ECU on one of
> the 914 web sites.
> I have it here someplace, but I think it on the hard drive of a dead
> computer.
> Our injectors are not timed exactly with the engine. They are fired in
> pairs. One of each pair fires onto an opening intake valve, and the
> other of the pair fires onto a closed intake valve.
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