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[T3] wahooo!!!

My engine actually runs. (type 3 in a manx style buggy) Not great, but it runs. The leak that I reported in one of my Kadron carbs turned out to be a cap that covers the fuel filter on the back of the carb. Once I put some new sealant on it, and tightened it up, the leak stopped. This was of course after I put the pressure regulator and gauge on. Oh well, all reports on the Kadrons indicate that they like below 2 psi on the fuel input.
My current issue is that one side seems to be running reasonably well, albeit very rich, but the other side is pretty quiet, is only getting a little warm, and smells of gas coming out the pipe on that side (dual exhaust). My local guy says that this is due to the carbs not being synchronized. He is going to help me on Sat.
I did the 30 minute at 1800 rpm as recommended in the instructions for the cam. I now must change my oil before running it anymore.
Also, after running it for about 30 minutes at 1800rpm, I turned it off. I then tried to restart it. The engine would barely turn over, like it was too tight or something. Before it was hot, it turned just fine. Is this to be expected after a complete build like this? Is this an indication that my timing is too far advanced?

Brad Mularcik

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