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Re: [T3] ACK!

Aaron Clow wrote:

> *FI purists, avert your eyes!
> http://tinyurl.com/777c3
> "**Converted problematic fuel injection to Carburetor."
> It's not so much what they did, but how they did it...

Yeah, looks like your standard Weber progressive setup, a 32/36DFAV or
somesuch. I put one of those in my first Fasty because I was young,
stupid, and knew nothing about how to work on the FI (and the internet
didn't really exist for me back then for someone to tell me about the
beauty that is the D-Jet).

What is sheer amusement is the fact that there's a box instead of the
usual hump that's cutout on the engine lid (said hump comes with the
carburetor kit), and that there's what seems to be a fecacta cold-air
intake system that takes air from about where the FI brain should be to
this carburetor hump. The fact that it's using what appears to be dryer
ducting is just plain amusing. I would have to wonder whether the
suction from the engine would actually draw warm air back from the
ducting into the engine cooling, rather than supply cold air to the carb.

What I'm curious about is how well the genny is driving the "2 amps" and
all them speakers.

Final piece of amusement- they went to all that trouble to put an
external oil filter, only to use a Fram filter there- when everyone
knows (or should know) that Fram filters are hands down the worst pieces
of crap around. Take one apart sometime- they're so shoddily made it's
nearly criminal.

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