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Re: [T3] '69 Fastback purchased

> > I bought a '69 Fastback last weekend:
> > http://www.thesamba.com/vw/scrapbook/69fasty/
> >
Thanks for the help so far.  Found all the hoses I needed and replaced all
the older braided fuel hose up front with new 5/16" FI hose.

Set the valves.  Set the points.  Checked out the trigger points, they look
clean.  Distributor vacuum advance holds pressure.  Mechanical advance snaps
back per test mentioned on the list.

For some reason now the car won't start.  It was REALLY hard to start when I
bought it, I had to crank it with the gas floored for about a minute.  Once
it warmed up, it idled and drove fine.  Now it fires up for a split second,
then stalls.  Won't fire again after that unless it sits for a while.

Pressure Regulator (for possible flooding diagnosis)
- Hose is nice and tight on both ends.  Sucked on it, it holds vacuum.
- Resistance is 85 ohms across terminals 7 and 15 and 324 ohms across 8 and
10, which appears to be inline with an old message I found from Jim A.  He
didn't mention which terminals to check though and it's not in Bentley?
- The Bosch pressure regulator has a part # of 0280100001 on it.  Is this
correct?  I noticed it's factory sealed, no 4 screws at the corners to take
it apart like the one pictured in Bentley.
- I noticed you can insert the 4-terminal plug connector either way so know
I don't know which way is "correct".  I tried both just in case, no

Everett Barnes
'69 Fastback

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