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Re: [T3] "R" distributor pics

On 26 Mar 2003 at 7:00, Daniel Baum wrote:

> > It looks like the 311 S version was used on these AT type 34s.
> Assuming this is true, and this piece of info has come up before on this
> list, has anyone ever seen an "S" distributor?

It's the extremely rare type 3 enthusiast's version. Made in very small 
quantities and sold only over the counter at a lone warehouse to those who knew 
the password, these distributors have been the holy grail for type 3 owners 
since the introduction of the 1967 2.8L Porsche Stealth 911S, AKA the Type 
343SS. It appears in the parts book, in disguise, as the correct part for a 69 
Type 34 with automatic transmission.

Production of the 343SS peaked in 68 at 23 units, and even those had to be 
picked up at the factory in person, but without the 311 905 205S distributor 
which was the key to unleashing the astonishing power of these engines. 
Prospective owners were interviewed at the factory to determine their 
worthyness, and then they were presented with the rather mundane 311T 
distributor and asked to install it. A few prospective owners received nothing 
more than an explanation that the T distributor superseded the older S version. 
Owners deemed worthy were sworn to secrecy and given the password, a non-
replaceable and non-transferable claim check, and the address of the secret 
warehouse in Albania. It was assumed that deserving owners would find a way to 
get to that warehouse and back out from behind the iron curtain without being 

Factory rally team cars did not have to go thru this process, but none of those 
cars are known to have survived. There are, however, rumors....  

Few examples of the 343SS distributor remain today, so few, in fact, that they 
are seldom mentioned for fear of driving up the already appreciable price. They 
occasionally come up on ebay but seldom with a correct description. I bought 
mine at a swap meet in  La Plata, outside of Buenos Aires, in 1985. It is NOS, 
never installed, still in the original tetrahedral package which was to ward 
off the effects of ageing. The 3 titanium flyweights on the electro-mechanical 
advance are still as bright and shiny as the day it was first handed over to 
the eager young owner, who, unfortunately, did not survive his attempt to 
escape Albania with his prize.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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