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[T3] Terrible things done to my car and the good this year so far

I have been inactive in the VW scene this year, since my wife as been
deathly ill,
please pray for her healing or at least survival for this year.

My car has had some bad things done to it from some family members this year

- While I was in Japan, it was used to tow a small pickup truck and a 240
  It pushed started a small Toyota.

- My sister used it for camping because she did not want her shiney
  to get dirty, car got stuck in the mud. My car was all muddy and unwashed
  when I got back to the states.

- In Dec, my generator started to use up a set of brushes every 500 miles, 
  the generator was only a year old and looked like a quality rebuild from 
  NAPA. I spent 75 dollars for a Bosch rebuild one, let's see how long this 
  lasts . The car may be due for an alternator cnversion from a Mazda RX-7
  or the old Bug Alternator, my radio and speakers are too big. 

- I Changed my oil in January after 6000 miles without the change, to 
  correct this abuse, I changed to very cheap 10w-30 oil and drove for 
  a day and the next day poured in two quarts of engine flush , engine on 
  for 5 minutes. Drained this once again very black oil and added replaced
  it with my new 20w-50 semisynthetic and new oil filter. The three magnets 
  I have in my sump cover had no indications of ferrous metallic material 
  attached to them. No particles at all found in the sump screen or 
  in the oil filter lining (just oil pase).

- In Februray my wiper fluid hose exploded and wet my fuses and legs, still 
  need to fix it.

- In Feb did a 360 in the rain in Tijuana going down hill, no one around to
   make fun of me.   Same month in San Diego just missed an Suv sliding 
  on it's roof saw 3 other SUV on roofs.

- In Feb, one headlight went out, went to Walmart for a new H-4 bulb.

- In late Feb, a work peer told me that a big puddle of oil was under
  the rear of my car and that it probably came from the rear axil,
  I guess he thought is was front engined and rear drive. 12 inch 
  puddle was in fact present, very shocked I was since my car never 
  has not let a drop out since almost a year. 2.0 quart sump very 
  loose and oily.

- Late Feb, changed oil and tightened sump . Sump very clean , no odd
  particles detected . 5.5 quarts of oil capacity for entire engine
  is what is requred with all of the cooling,hoses and sump.

- This month, no new problems, but still drive too fast, I am addicted,
  cannot break the habit. (90 mph noted almost daily, have not done
  100 mph in almost 5 months, mellowing out). Average speed: 75 to 85
  on Hwy.

- Will change autotranny fluid this month. 33 year old unrebuilt tranny
  still works very well (knock on wood). Must remember the three month 
  fluid change for me. 

- Car driven 10,000 miles so far this year.

- Car loaned out constantly to family members when their car is not 

Duribility has been good for this car so far for this year. The generator
is my only pending problem and it is by design I guess, not enough 
current output. 

If my wife gets better this year, I will have the top suspension 
bushing manufactured in lots of 50 to replace the obsolete top arm 
bearing, using same scuffed arm. 

Most time is spent with my sick wife and work.

If any of you wants to undertake the above project, let me know and I will 
fund you ,(was going to cost 250 bucks for 50 ), and help with 
any material I have, I have no time you know. You sell and make the 
profit if you want.





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