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[T3] New Pressure Sensor: Running Great! Secondary Problem

Hi all,

This being the first warm weekend we've had all winter in the DC area, I
finally got around to swapping out the pressure sensor in my '72
fastback (zippy).  Immediately, upon starting, zippy ran great!  All of
the dead spot and missing problems went away and now she accellerates
and idles very smoothly. 

Getting the new sensor was kind of a pain.  I had to order one from Bret
Instruments, but they're not used to taking individual orders, so they
typically don't take credit cards.  But they did seem to have a stop of
"E" sensors for our cars and will rebuild them.  Thanks for all the

Now onto a secondary problem.  I haven't driven zippy all winter, and I
made the mistake of leaving the parking brake engaged the last time I
drove her.  After driving a bit the other day, it seems like the brakes
may be a bit stuck.  Zippy no longer rolls very well when in neutral or
with the clutch out.  She comes to a stop minor uphills without me
pressing the brakes.  Is there any chance that this is just some rust on
the inside of the drums or front discs?  I drove for about 10 miles the
other day, and it did get a bit better, but it still doesn't seem quite
right.  Any ideas?


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