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Re: [T3] Oil in Pressure Sensor

Mark Fuhriman wrote:

> Tonight I took my old pressure sensor off and installed the
> replacement.  I had never taken mine off and never really considered
> it a culprit because I've always measured correct resistances for
> the coil windings, and the diaphragm holds vacuum.  But I took it
> apart and found it to be full of oil!  The air cleaner was not
> overfilled (never has been since I've owned the car - about 9
> months), and the air intake manifold is clean.  So I guess in a past
> life the air cleaner got overfilled, and oil got sucked into the PS.
> Now would THAT cause an intermittent no start/missing problem?  

I used to clean mine out on my 68 all the time, but I never really 
was sure that it helped. It's been so long that I'm not sure any 
more. I think the oil comes from condensation of oil vapor from a 
warm engine and cold pressure sensor. It is made worse by the 
fact that the pickoff point for the vacuum hose comes off the 
BOTTOM of the intake air distributor. VW finally fixed this in 72.  

> Can I just clean the old PS out, put it back together and be set
> with a good spare?  Or would that factory setting on the adjustment
> screw need to be tweeked?  Everything looks good in there except for
> the oil.. 

You can just drain it out. That will be fine; no readjustment is

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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