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[T3] Wheel Bearing Adjustments

Last week I put up a post about the front end of my 70' Square 
 mentioning that the right front wheel seemed loose and when 
 I shook the wheel it made a "clicking" noise.

 Thanks to the information I received from you all, I was able
 to get to the bottom of the problem.  It was the wheel bearings 
 after all! They were about 6 turns too loose!  

 I have access to a mechanics shop, so up on the lift the Square
 went (that lift and my Square have become close companions!) 
 and went to work.  To pop off the hub cover I used a giant screw
 driver that had kind of a crow bar at the end. By turning the 
 wheel about 20 degrees and stopping, applying gentle pressure
 on the hub cover at each stop of the wheel, it popped off! 
 Once I got to the wheel beariY#!ad to turn the nut about 
 6 whole turns to get the torque to 7 ft lbs. BTW, I think the
 way that adjustment system works (1/2 stop nut, 1/2 locknut) 
 is ingenious.  After I torqued the nut and the locknut I checked
 for play and there was very little. Took the car for a drive 
 and then checked for the clicking noise.  Gone! Now the wheels
 seem nice and tight. No excessive heat either. But man that 
 grease in there stunk!  Kinda like the transaxle oil I changed
 out a few months ago.  

 I also checked out the rest of the front end the best I could
 considering I didn't have any special VW adjustment tools. 
 Everything looks great now.  

 Thanks to all who helped with the bearing cover questions, the
 wheel bearing adjustment questions et al!

 Since it was about 70 F, the Square got a bath when she got 

 Allen Moore 
 Houston, TX 
 70' Square

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