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Re: [T3] carbs, jetting

>I have dual Weber ICT-34s

I KNEW you of a man of judgment and refinement!

Mike, tonight I will try to dig out the Weber info that came with my 
ICT-34s.  The sheet will show you which, what and where.  Then 
tomorrow I will scan this into a file and email it as an attachment 
(if I can make all this stuff work).

Do you have some guide to tell you which jets you should be running 
for your elevation?  I am at 5800' and had to change out to the size 
recommended by a Weber tech rep (hope he didn't fib to me).  When you 
yank the jet out, you will see a code number on it, but that won't 
tell you what you need to know until you or someone can look up the 
number for your elevation (which I would guess is minus 7 feet in 

My situation is interesting (academically, if nothing else) for the 
fact that I can travel from below 2000' to above 11,000' in less than 
200 miles.  How's that for deciding which  jet size to plop in?????

BTW, I have a coupla new jets (the ones I removed from my carbs that 
came frDork) that you can have if the numbers work out right 
for you.

Will do my best to remember tonight to get the pictures and then scan 
it tomorrow for you.  If I forget, just do what my wife 
does...creative nagging!


Phil (I am prompt no matter how long it takes) Dillard

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