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RE: [T3] Say that again?

Yeah.  This is a windmill I've been tilting for months now.  The timing's
okay from TDC to about 4ATDC; beyond that, the performance is pretty
crummy.  92 octane fuel, but in AZ it's the lovely 'oxygenated' rubbish, I
imagine one could drink the stuff, there's so little in the way of actual
hydrocarbons in it.

She's otherwise ruEubmeat (except when cold), and delivering 24mpg
around town and up to (well, only once, but it really did happen!) 31.2 out
on the road.

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I assume the timing is properly set and 92-octane fuel is being used?
Though you'll lose some performance try retarding the timing to control the

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> I'd been wondering about that, as I simply can't get Deathrich to stop
> pinging once she's been out on the road for 40 or 50 minutes 
> or so (the AZ
> desert goes on and on).

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