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[T3] T34 For Sale Part 2

Here is some more information about the car:
The car is a 1966, so it has a 6V electrical system with
the larger 1600 dual car engine.  It is painted the original
yellowish-white colour with the original black top.
Note: The person before me was driving the car 3 years
ago until he decided to fix the car up.

I'm not going to kid you, the car needs some work before
you can make it a daily driver.  The mechanical stuff on
the car needs the least amount of work.  The majority
of the work is the exterior stuff (Paint job, the body
has been primed)  and the interior.
Which needs to be redone.
The body in solid, it has no bondo in it.  Also the
guy previous to me had redone the rockers and floor himself
so the floor has no holes and that rockers have no rust.

>That rust under the door, is it in the door, or the rocker?

It's under the door.  All the rockers have been redone.

>Brakes, Glass, suspension, trim, bumpers?

The brakes where done 2 summers along by the
person who owned it last.  The emergency brake works
fine.  Suspension needs work. The glass is ok.
No pitted or cracks, only missing the passenger window.
That is why the passenger door has some rusting.
I know of somebody who has the glass.  So fiNo(at isn't a problem.
The bumpers are there, and are complete,
there is some chipping in the crome,
but with a good buff job they could get by.
All exterior trim is there exempt for the rear Karmann Ghia
script on the back rear truck.  That can be bought from any
where because it's the same as the Type1 KG rear script.

>Also, when you say no interior,, has the dash been removed, if so, is=20
>the wiring attached to and from all the correct terminals.

The person before me was in the process of doing
all the body work so he removed all the interior trim and
place them in boxes.  When I got the car, I though I didn't
have any interior pieces, but upon review I had ALOT
if not all the interior pieces.  Yes the dash is there and
yes the wiring is there. Some of the lights work and some
don't.  I didn't spend lots of time examining the electrical stuff.
But I feel that the majority of the lighting problem is either
poor grounding or broken bulbs.

The interior has all the gauges, (Speedometer, Fuel and clock)
6v radio, unknown if works because it isn't hooked up.
The dash pad is there, it has no rips.  I have all the original knobs =
heating controls but again they are in boxes.
The original seats are in working order but need to be redone.
The carpet needs to be redone, I have the original carpet and =
So you can use the old carpet as a pattern to make your own or buy a =
kit from 'Sewfine' made for the T34 and use the rubber stuff from the
original carpet to make the new carpet look original.  I even have all =
original truck & hood matting.

The engine will run, once a new battery gets installed and the
tranny works.  I most I have driven the car is up and down my driveway.
Note: When I pressed the brakes then, they worked.

When I first bought the car, a year ago, I was going to spent about
$3000-$4000 CDN ($2000-3000 USD) to fix up the car.  Fixing I mean
Suspension, exterior paint job, and finishing up the interior.
So I would have a nice car that I could drive to the VW showsWJo use as a summer weekend driver.
But right now, I can't afford to spend the money to fix it up
so instead of the car sitting in my garage taking up space
that I could be using to get my other car out of the snow,
I want to sell it to someone who can fix the car and
show the car off.

Again, email me directly if you are interested in the car.

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