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Re: [T3] Fender Bolt Source??

On 17 Jan 99, at 21:12, John M. Kowalski wrote:

> Are the 8.8mm thread with 14mm head bolts still available for front T3
> fenders?  What about the combination sheet metal screws and washers for the
> rear fenders?  And the clips for the rear fenders that the screws screw into?

I didn't know that 14 mm heads were ever used on 8 mm bolts. (8.8 is 
the grade, not the size.)

> I checked with a retailer here (Zagreb, Croatia) who said that the 8.8 mm
> bolts are only produced now with the standard 13mm bolt head.  However, I
> won't give that easily.  There must be a source for these seemingly
> nonstandard bolts.

The DIN standard is 13 mm, the JIS (Japanese Industry Standard) is 12 
mm.  The smaller head saves quite a bit of steel over a year's time.

I just save all my old parts to reuse, because it is often so hard to 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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Hiya Volks,
   Well in an effort to get back the 'stock look'  (relax dark siders - I'm
still pitch black under the paint!!!  Working on that 1776 screamer as I type)
I have switched to 'chromies' (not stock, but look that way) thus leaving my
porsche alloys without a home. . . interested? See them in the 'parts for
sale' section of the 'Type3 Classifieds'. 

Dan Dockery
'71 Square, " HIP2BSQ "

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