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[T3] 4 fenders, a front clip and a hood

I got it. Yesterday I went out and picked up my fenders and other stuff. I
ended up paying $300 for everything. I know I could have purchased a whole
car for this, but, I'd have another car. It's easier to take parts off of
cars that are beyond restoration (I mean mentally not physically. Yes,
us darksiders have a heart too). I love the euphoria that I get when
I am bringing home some new (to me anyway) type 3 parts. I think it's
better than any drug. Am I the only one? It's strange. Maybe we need a
type 3 support group. Hmm. I guess that's what the list is all about, eh?

I also have my eye on some other stuff at the salvage yard:

Two lowback seats - $75

Steering column piece that houses the ignition switch with switch and
keys - not sure how

Early Bus windshield frame and dash for my '69 - they guy wanted $200

The squareback ('66) that had the fenders had a good
passenger door, the fastback ('66) had a good rear hood and both rear
fenders were good. The fastback also had a good rear hood.

Phillip Bradfield - Portland, Oregon

'63 Notchback w/ 68 pan
'68 Squareback waiting for '67 euro fenders and front clip  
'69 Squareback chopped 3 1/2"

Looking at a '63 Sunroof Notchback

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