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[T3] front clip

Hello all. I found a european spec '67  squareback at a local salvage
yard. I asked the guy what he wanted for the whole front clip, including
fenders (the side markers were gone, but he said thought they were in the
shop), and he was asking $200. The fenders looked pretty good 'cept some
rust on the lower bottom behind wheel well. I'd like to put this on a '68
Squareback that I have that was hit in the front. Is this a resonable
price? The car is a really cool dark lime green. It's too bad some one
wanted the sunroof. The whole top is cut off it. The back fenders are
gone. Other wise, I'm not sure why it was at a salvage yard. From what I
can tell, It didn't have any major body damage. It's really too bad that
they cut the top to get the sunroof. 

Any thing else on a european Square that I should look for? What else was
different? The pushbuttons were gone.

He also had another early Fastback. Both fenders and hood looked in good
condition. I'm thinking about buying these too. Any sugestions on price?
This car was made into a removable top. The whole top is there, but is cut
across the top of the windshield and below the back window. 

Oh ya. There was a 914 with the rear disk brakes totally intact. I forgot
to ask what he wanted for these. Any Ideas on a price? 

Phillip Bradfield - Portland, Oregon

'63 Notchback w/ 68 pan
'68 Square that will be resurected someday (I was born in '68 and this was
my first car, I'm kinda fond of it)
'69 Squareback chopped 3"

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