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[T3] NOS Goodies FS

Howdy Volks,

due to fortune smiling upon me with the re-meeting of a friend of mine
from Ohio, I am able to offer some limited quantities of the following
NOS goodies for your type IIIs:

Package trays - fit under dashboard, both early and late models.  Same
ones B&S sells for a higher price, and same source that B&S got them
from.    $65.00 each

Bumper Guards - NOS late model only, full set of 4, $100.00

Camper Kits!!! - Yes, the one for the rear seat to fold down flat. 
Original manufacturer, HULS.  NOS.  Makes a full 82 inch long bed area
in back seat with front seats folded forward.  $150.00 set

Locking gas caps - '68 - '70 style.  $15.00 each

Owner's manuals - all years Type III (not T-3 ghia) $30.00 to $45.00
each depending on year.

Owner's manuals - '65 or '66 Type III Ghia.  Will have to get
confirmation on year and price.

Guages and parts for same - full guages, fuel guage vibrators, etc. 
I'll get info if anyone needs something specific.

Tail light lenses and turn signal lenses - I'll have to get more
specifics on these, too.

Mufflers - early and late styles.  Tailpipes and resonator tubes, too. 
I'll have to get prices and details.

Parts are always available until they're gone.  I will forward all
requests immediately.

Jake Kooser

BTW, I'm still pretty lousy at handling parts myself.  My fenders and
doors and other stuff is still available, but I haven't done much to
take care of getting it posted.  I'm working on getting a warehouse
early next week.  I'm also getting some front axles and a couple of
complete front "clips".  I'll let you know when I know.

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