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Re: [T3] Tranny Synchro Dilemma

ZagrebJohn=> worthwhile/possible to tear into the transmission to 
          => replace worn synchros 

The advice on CVs is good, but unfortunately not relevant to a '65. We 
swing-axle types have a different set of rear-end problems.

Here in mail-order land we can fairly easily get reconditioned 
transaxles on exchange, so I know of exactly no one here who's willing 
to even open one up. Muir says leave it to a pro, as does every manual 
but Bentley, and that's pointed largely at pros. The job apparently 
requires special tools, and that's enough by itself to keep me out of 
there, dark majick notwithstanding.

On the other side of the coin, there are probably more swing-axle VW 
transaxles in the world than any other kind of automotive transmission 
bar none, so parts shouldn't be much of a problem, and I'd expect that 
you can find someone who can competently handle a rebuild up the road in 
Graz or some such. 

The big question is whether you really need to worry about it. Everyone 
agrees these trannies are tough. Is it popping out of gear? Have you 
flushed the gear oil lately? In other words, are you sure it's gonna be 
a problem?

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 Grosse Karmann

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