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Re: [T3] Tranny Synchro Dilemma

My tranny has 262 K mi on it.. the synchros have been what I would say worn
for 60K or so.  I dont really notice it except when I need to downshift
into a really high RPM in the lower gear like when I hillclimb it, not
normal operation.  My general opinion is that its never worth opening up
and there are special tools needed.

But then again in Croatia, with some skill, it might be worth it.


> From: John M. Kowalski <john.kowalski@zg.tel.hr>
> To: type3@vwtype3.org
> Subject: [T3] Tranny Synchro Dilemma
> Date: Thursday, January 07, 1999 9:25 AM
> Hey all,
> Hope you all fulfilled by now your resolutions for the New Year.  
> I am in the process of dismantling our '65 Variant to have some welding
> done before having it repainted.  I removed the engine to get at some
> rust spots in the engine compartment.  I was not planning on removing the
> transmission/rear axle assembly because I still want to roll the car
> to work on it.  
> Question:  Since I am taking the car apart, what is the collective wisdom
> of the list regarding whether it is worthwhile/possible to tear into the
> transmission to replace worn synchros between gears 1,2 and 2,3?  I have
> done all other work on my cars, but the final bastion of dark magic
> the gearbox.  If T3s were more plentiful here in Croatia, I would look
> a replacement gearbox.  However, there aren't any that I know of.  From
> looks of the teardown in Bentley, synchro replacement looks like quite a
> job.  Are the synchros, as replacment parts, still available?  
> Thanks all,
> John
> Zagreb, Croatia
> '65 Variant
> '72 Cabrio "Franjo"
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