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[T3] Slip Slidin' Away

Ok Kids, here are some tuff questions.....  I have a 64 Notch w/ a bad
(understatement) rear seal. I drip about a quart! a
week.  I feel bad for the apartment mgmt! Anyway, When crusing around
town I can maintain regular speeds (Within Reason)
but when I reach RPMs high enough to shift I seem to top out in speed.
ie: In second gear, I can get to 30mph but no more.
The rpm goes higher but no more speed. But when I shift to third, I can
go faster even though the rpms are lower and so on.
Makes sense? Also going up a hill, Not a mountain just a highway rise in
elevation, I lose power/speed but what I gain on
decent, I can keep, as long as there isn't another hill right after
that.  It also takes a while to get to 60/65 mph but I can do it. I
suspect the oil leak has soaked the clutch/pressure plate etc. Is that

Particulars: 1500 dual carb, 6V, stock dist., stock trans, wheels etc.

Trans is bad for sure, It slips out of second and won't go into first at
a stand still, you have to be moving slightly to get first gear.

Now I am waiting for $$$ to do the trans clutch seal etc., But I would
like your opinions on what is happening or what might be

64 notch

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