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Re[2]: T-3 questions

My '72 Fastback was delivered in Canada, coming with a gas heater and 
radial tires (with different rims) standard. All North American Type 
3s of that era were 1600s with D-Jetronic EFI - which was optional 
elsewhere. Emissions, ya know. Even then.

The *real* challenge was finding a metric speedometer, since Canada 
has since switched from miles to kilometers. This took some doing; 
late model T3 instruments are different from the early ones, and, as 
we know (sniff...) most T3s have long since been scrapped - and the 
ones delivered to metric countries were often the first to go, thanks 
to TUV, Controle Technique et al. Type 3 Detectives came through on 
this, though it took a couple of months.

Yes, my car's air box area under the windshield is a mess. So was the 
original exhaust system (including the heater boxes), which I junked 
and replaced with an extractor exhaust. The result sounds remarkably 
like a 911... :-)

Type 3 books? I deal with a couple of outfits in London - check the 
ads in magazines like Classic & Sports Car. I have Chater's current 
catalogue at home and will have a look. They've sold me French books 
(La Coccinelle, Citroen DS Album, etc.) and almost certainly have 
German books too.

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lhalliday@creo.com             elegante, grave et legere, ayant le
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